Monday, July 9, 2012

Go Jump in the Lake

The heat wave continues here in Indiana, and, thankfully, we spent the long weekend at the lake. I did not do a great job taking pictures, it was just too hot to think about such things. We headed over on Thursday afternoon by way of the outlet mall and a little shopping.

Thursday evening, Jennifer, Bryan, Adam, Jim and I went to our favorite Nashville restaurant, Big Woods Brewery. It was Adam's first time, and he enjoyed his burger and this awesome brownie for dessert. Mmmmmm.

We filled up our growlers to go, and went back to the lake to hang out on the dock with David and Shylah.

Jennifer and Bryan went biking on Friday morning, and came back in time to enjoy Jim's famous pancakes. I spent some time in my new reading chair finishing up book 2 of The Hunger Games. I know the book has a title (something to do with fire, I think), but I have a hard time remembering titles of the books I read on my Kindle since I don't see the actual cover of the book. Anyone else?

Gumbo likes the new chairs too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent floating. It was really the only place that was comfortable in the 100+ degree heat.

Jennifer and Bryan made delicious shish kabobs with beef, veggies, and pineapple for supper on Friday night. Shylah helped by cutting up the pineapple. She's an expert at that.


The rest of the gang arrived on Saturday, including Jonathan, Andrew and Darci and family, my brothers and their families, and my parents.  I purchased a sign in Mackinac that says Go Jump in the Lake, which I hung above the door. So we did. :)

The original plan was for the guys to play golf, but they (wisely) decided it was too hot for that.

Darci's nephew, Will, got to come to the lake with them as well. His mom, Molly had surgery last week. She continues to need and appreciate your prayers. He and Matthew had lots of fun together. Here is Will on the water mat.

Ella and Andrew.

It's a great place to spend the afternoon.

Here comes Big Jon.

What's in the backpack?

Matt on the mat.

Matthew and Haleigh love the water.

Will takes a little rest. Or maybe he went down during the body checking match they were having. :)

Will and Matthew having fun on the mat.

Saturday evening, we celebrated the birthdays of Shylah, Andrew, and Nana. We had burgers, potatoes, fruit, and fresh sweet corn, thanks to Darci (and her parents). And for dessert, we had flag fruit pizza, chocolate chip cake, cupcakes, and homemade ice cream. I don't think anyone went away hungry. :)

When the sun went down, it was time for the fireworks. The lake always has fireworks on the Saturday after the 4th, and we were glad the dry conditions didn't cause them to cancel the show. Many other fireworks displays in our area were cancelled or postponed.

We loaded up on the pontoon boat and found a place near the middle to drop the anchor and enjoy the show. Jon, Ella, and Andrew found a seat at the back of the boat.

During the show, Adam and Andrew relaxed with their cell phones.

Jonathan and David preferred to watch off the boat in the water.

Matthew and Will had a good view from the back of the boat.

On Sunday morning, Matthew and Will went down to the dock to do a little fishing. I went down with my camera just in time to see this fish that they Andrew caught.

They posed proudly even if they didn't do the actual catching.

Andrew helped them get it off the hook.

Silly Matthew!

I love this one.

Mama duck and family came by to see if the boys had anything for them.

Will went over the the neighbors' dock to see if the fishing was any better over there. Don't think so.

And mama duck even tried out the water mat for herself. It does draw lots of attention from folks going by. All too soon, it was time to roll up the mat and head back to the 'burg. Until next weekend...

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