Monday, July 2, 2012

Poems and Prayers and Promises

Today I'm praying. A lot. I'm praying for Molly, who I wrote about at the end of this post. She is having surgery today. Her husband is updating progress here. I know they appreciate all who would join in prayer.

I'm also praying for Deborah. She is our awesome wedding planner who became a trusted friend during the months leading up to the wedding of our daughter Jennifer and her (now) husband Bryan. Deborah was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. You can read her story and follow her updates here.

This is a picture of Deborah and Jennifer the day after the wedding when Deborah delivered the gifts to Jennifer and Bryan. I know she would welcome your prayers.

Last Friday, I had a great visit with three friends from college. No, I did not say 'old friends', although I have had them a long time. We met in the fall of 1978 on the second floor of Donner Hall at Hanover College. Although we have been separated by distance, time, and the 'busyness' of life, it is always good to reconnect and catch up. I so appreciate them making the trek to Sweetwater Lake to spend time sharing lunch and a visit lakeside. We did spend most of the day indoors, however, as the temperature was near 100 degrees. Hopefully their next trip to the lake will be navigationally (is that a word) easier, and before too many more years have passed.

On Saturday evening, Jim and I went from the lake over to Nashville, Indiana, to catch a show at the Brown County Playhouse. When I saw that this show was in town, I knew I would want to be there. Yes, I know it shows my age, but I am a long time John Denver fan. Come to think of it, there probably aren't that many new John Denver fans, since he passed away 15 years ago. The music, though, is timeless, and there aren't many who can write a love song like he could.

The performer, John Adams, spent some time with John Denver before he died (obviously), and the show was filled with all of our JD favorites. It was, of course, an older crowd, but we enjoyed the opportunity to sing along on many of the familiar tunes. It was almost heaven...

On Sunday morning, we welcomed our new pastor and his family to our church. We are so glad to have Greg and Julie, and their boys, Michael and Daniel, as part of our church family. We look forward to the story we will write as we share life together.

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