Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet 60

Good surprises are always fun, and a few weeks ago, we were able to surprise our friend Ruthann for her birthday. Sweet 60! Wow! 

Her boys and her niece had planned the party to take place as 
Ruthann and husband Daryl returned from a little vacation. 
We gathered at their house to wait for their arrival. 
Great niece Abby and cousin Grace spent some time in the pool while we waited.

Ruthann's son Grant entertained us with his mustache bottle top.

They're here! 

So much fun!

Greeting friends...

Hugs for the boys...

And a tent in her honor. 
Ruthann has always wanted a tent party. 


Sister Mary Ellen with Abby...

Giving thanks before the meal.

Queen for the day.

An ice cream cake from Ritter's. 
Oh. My. Goodness!!

Happy birthday, dear Ruthann...

happy birthday to you!

Niece Emily was the mastermind behind the party, I think, 
with some good help from the boys.

They even got Ruthann's favorite cups.

Old friends...

dear friends...
good friends... 
to help celebrate the day.

And you might say sweet little Abby partied 'til she dropped.

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