Monday, July 23, 2012

Show Me the Cattle

Last week was our county fair. It has always been one of my favorite events. When I was a child, I would beg to go spend the day out there, watching the livestock shows and hanging around the barns. I think I was wishing I was a farm girl. Thankfully, I married a farmer, and that wish came true.

Our children showed livestock. Sometimes they were happy about it, and sometimes they were not, but I do think they all learned something valuable from the experience. They did sometimes require bribes threats gentle encouragement along the way.

As I drove to the fairgrounds last Monday morning to watch the cattle show, I was thinking how nice it was to just jump in the car and go. I didn't have to worry about five sets of show clothes, belts, boots, socks, record books, cold water, sandwiches, and making sure everyone was wearing a happy attitude. Those were the days.

As I approached the barn, the first person I saw was Andrew taking a phone call. He must have learned something from his cattle show experience, since he is now the herdsman at the farm.

The show started with the heifers, and cousin Nick was ready to take her into the ring.

Here is Nick, setting up his heifer for the judge. For all you cityfolks reading, a heifer is a female who has not yet had a baby. Once she has a calf, she is called a cow.

Watching from the rail is serious business.

The judge is selecting the champion heifer.

When the heifers are done, it's time for the steer show. Here is Andrew giving Nick some advice on how to best show his steer.

Ella was happy to be at the show too.

She was even happier when she was able to get out of the stroller and look around a bit. She liked the goats.

Big sis Haleigh was happy too.

Looks like she is thinking about the day when it will be her turn in the show ring.

 And just for fun, a vintage photo, circa 1996. A great group at the Indiana State Fair.

This year's state fair will be The Year of Dairy Cows. While the cattle we raise are beef cattle (Angus), we do enjoy many tasty products from dairy cows. Milkshake anyone?
The Indiana State Fair tweeted the link to this awesome parody called "Farm It Maybe." It's worth a few minutes if you haven't seen it. So cute!

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