Friday, August 17, 2012

80 Candles

We continued the celebration of my dad's 80th birthday last Saturday at the lake. 
We enjoyed an afternoon cruise on the pontoon. Great song.
Haleigh and her daddy.
Sweet Ella Kate.
Granny and her girls.
David and Shylah.
Adam. Smile, Adam!
Drew & Darci, and Boomie.
Drew and Darci.
Your captain.
Jennifer and Bryan.
After the afternoon boat ride and a little lake floatin', we celebrated with supper and some sweet treats. Darci made these awesome cookies in honor of the 
previous day's outing to see the Reds play the Cubs in Wrigley Field.
My mom made an angel food cake for the candle blowing. 
Haleigh was ready to help with that.
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Boomie,
Happy Birthday to you!
Haleigh was happy to try a cookie.

We took another cruise on the pontoon for the evening crowd.
Mike and Jenny.
Now Boomie's 80, so call me maybe...
Showing some brotherly love. Sorta. Smile, Adam!

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