Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Great State Fair

Jennifer had a day off on Tuesday, so we headed out to the good old Indiana State Fair. Her words were, "Indiana State Fair, oh, how I've missed you." We have some sweet memories of good times at the fair.

Of course, one of the best things about the fair is the food. Oh. My. Word.

Something for everyone.

So many choices...

so many calories.

From spicy

to spaghetti (ice cream, that is).

We found our favorite...

and enjoyed it in the Pepsi Coliseum

while we watched a bit of the draft horse show.

It was showmanship, and was very interesting, and different from the showmanship with which we are familiar.

Now that's a big horse, and a little girl. They are gentle giants.

Next stop, the sheep barn.

We noticed a draft horse getting a bath. I don't need a stool to give Pee Wee a bath.

We missed Purdue Day, but I liked the banner anyway.

We found the Livestock Hall of Fame photos, including Grandpa and Uncle Gilman.

We saw some corn growing outside the building. It's been a tough year for corn in Indiana.

As we passed the entrance to the midway, we remarked that rides were never part of our State Fair experience. Jennifer doesn't remember ever riding rides there. There were always so many other fun things to do.

In the Ag-Hort building, we saw an amazing pumpkin sculpture.

We also saw sculptures of another kind, made of cans. This is a tractor from the movie Cars. Remember the cow tipping scene?

Miss Dairy Queen.

And a train. The Boilermaker Special?

Jennifer posed by a great pumpkin.

Then it was time for dessert. We acknowledged the Year of the Dairy Cow with a milkshake from the Dairy Bar. Mmmmmm, another one of our favorites.

We crossed to the other side of the fairgrounds and happened on the SuperDogs show just as it was starting. It was neat to see the dogs and their handlers performing all sorts of tricks.

This cute dog went through the flags at a careful and methodical walk.

This one flew right through them!

This dog/handler team demonstrated that dogs from shelters can be smart, sweet, and loyal companions. That's sure true of my Gumbo.

The picture's not great, but the dog was amazing. He jumped over her back and caught the frisbee.

After the show, we made our way to the free stage area.

And we found Jennifer's friend and former roomie, Janelle! She was hard at work in the 4-H Exhibit Hall. We visited with her a bit, and then enjoyed looking at the many projects, before heading back to the free stage for the main attraction.

Sandi Patty! I have been a fan of hers for many, many years. Check out her shoes. Very sparkly, and very high!

The first time I saw her in concert, we took our four kids (Adam wasn't born yet) to Market Square Arena for the show. I'm pretty sure we had friends and cousins (and their parents) with us as well. Sandi's kids are close to the age of ours, and she brought all the kids in the audience up on stage to sing "Friendship Company."

Sandi had her oldest daughter, Anna, there with her.

Anna made a quick appearance up on stage to help her mom with a 'wardrobe malfunction.'

She got her all fixed up, and then took a little bow before leaving the stage. So cute.

Sing it girl! Or as the kids like to say, "Shut up!" (That's a compliment, you know.) Notice she has decided to lose the shoes by this time.

It was a great afternoon of praise and worship. And no one can sing like Sandi Patty.

She even sang a medley from her favorite Broadway musical, The Sound of Music. Can you believe it? That's my favorite too! We're BFFs, you know.

She sang lots of old favorites, invited us to sing along, and ended with God Bless America.

It was another great day at the Indiana State Fair.

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