Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Slips Away

Here is a little collage of photos from the last few weeks. Because school started so early around here (August 1st!), it seems like the end of summer even though it's still August. The students (and teachers) will be experiencing a 'balanced calendar' for the first time, with 2 week breaks in fall, winter, and spring, and June/July off for summer break. I remember loving the start of school. It was exciting to see friends again, meet new teachers, and shop for new school shoes and supplies. I think it was 5th grade when several of us all had the same new shoes (we wanted it that way). They were brown oxford type shoes, with a removable flap similar to what golf shoes used to have. That was back in the olden days when kids had one pair of school shoes. Can you imagine it? That same year, several of us also had plastic flowered 3-ring binders that came in a matching plastic flowered bag. Sort of the 'flower power' look. So cool.

Now, on with the photos!
Cookies for teachers ~ Waiting at El Reparo ~ Full arms
Gumbo wants to stay ~ Sunset ~ Deep diver
Ella ~ Yummy snack ~ Hay
Snoozing ~ 1st day of 1st grade ~ Third grader!

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