Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lake Time

I spent part of last weekend at the lake, with a trip home for Heather's wedding in the middle. Andrew and Darci were hosting friends and cousins, and I was able to take a few photos of the fun.

Matthew and Abbi enjoyed the hammock without mishap on Friday.

On Sunday, they tried the pop bottle geyser using Mentos and a little device with a string that releases the mints into the bottle. When the Mentos hit the soda, it makes the liquid shoot out in an explosion of cola. The record blast is 18 feet! It's kind of the modern version of the baking soda volcano that appeared at science fairs year after year.

It is best to use diet soda so it doesn't leave stickiness all  around.

We used diet caffeine-free, and the results were, well, less than spectacular. Not close to 18 feet.

We thought it might have just been a bad bottle, so Abbi tried the second one.

She pulled the string and got out of the way...

but the second one wasn't much better. Would the lack of caffeine make a difference in the explosiveness? Explosivity? (Making up words now). Maybe my chemist son can answer this one for us. Hello, David?

A ride on the pontoon is always fun.

Shelly, who had finished a 3 hour bike ride on Saturday, and a 1 hour swim in the lake on Sunday, in preparation for Iron Man Louisville, passed on the boat ride to take a well-deserved rest on the dock. We will be sending prayers and good thoughts her way on Sunday. Good luck, Shelly!

Makenna enjoyed some tricks on the water mat.

Matt and Abbi.

Andrew and Ella driving the boat.

Darci and Haleigh.

Haleigh with her shovel.

Ella is a little boat girl.

Haleigh had fun in her little pool on the dock.

Relaxing in the swing to cap off another fun weekend at the lake.

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