Sunday, August 19, 2012

My (Daughter's) Best Friend's Wedding

My daughter Jennifer's best friend got married yesterday. Jennifer and Heather have been friends since kindergarten, and it is a little surreal to see them all grown up and married. Heather was Jennifer's maid of honor just 4 short months ago, and Jennifer was the matron of honor for Heather.

Heather and Scott had a beautiful day for the big event. I think whatever conversation Heather had with God regarding the weather was a good one, because it was picture perfect. Jennifer and the other bridesmaids looked beautiful waiting outside the church for the bride and groom to exit.

They were greeted by bubbles and cheers of congratulations.

Mr. and Mrs.!

This is the hay wagon ready to transport the wedding party to the reception. They had a long ride through the countryside, with a stop for pictures, and much merriment along the way.

At the reception, there was a cute sign directing guests to the important stuff.

They also had a neat display of their 'people' with wedding photos of their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and members of their wedding party.

I know them!

Here they come, making their grand entrance at the reception.

Scott helps his wife out of the wagon.

The happy couple ready for the party.

Bryan was waiting patiently for Jennifer and the gang to arrive.


The wedding party was introduced, and Heather's brother. Devin. had a little fun as he escorted his bridesmaid.

Jennifer and best man Craig.

The bride and groom.

Pretty cakes. Scott (the groom) made the wood pedestals.

Soon it was time for Jennifer's speech.

To make sure she did a good job, Jennifer secretly brought along Heather's 'lucky pants.' The pants were worn by Heather's dad back in his cattle showing days, and Heather brought them to every cattle show, and even some big swim meets. Jennifer thought it was only fitting that the pants be there for the big day.

Heather's dad got a kick out of it too.

Jennifer shared special memories, and ended by saying that with the love they share, and their faith, Scott and Heather won't need the lucky pants. To Scott and Heather!

Heather's dad entertained us with some good stories as well, noting that though Heather went away to school, she found her way back home and to Scott.

Jennifer and Bryan show off their cute ball jar mugs.

First dance.

Congratulations Scott and Heather!

Where's my dad?

Father daughter dance.

It was especially nice to have these four friends back together again for the day. They were a kickin' relay team back in the days of the Aqua Cheetahs. Sweet memories.

And just for fun, I found a photo of them from the archives, circa 2004, celebrating at Heather's graduation party.
And friends are friends forever...

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