Saturday, June 29, 2013

G - G - G - Geo (caching)

Matthew and I had an opportunity to do a little more geocaching on Thursday afternoon. It was a hot day, so we packed some water and juice in a cooler and set out for our adventure. Matthew navigates from the back seat.
He checks distance and direction,
then moves toward the location. Unfortunately, we did not find this one, so we will try again on another day. I think we just need more practice to get better at it. Also, using my phone is probably not as accurate as using a hand-held gps. Maybe a new phone will help? :)
We did a couple of 'virtual caches', which means there is no container or log book to sign. The cache is to take a photo of the location and upload it to the geocaching site. There must be a person in the photo to insure that it wasn't just pulled from the internet. We did the Courthouse Tree cache, which was easy of course. And just look at that smile. :)
There is another one at the Bread of Life.
Yay! We found one! I won't disclose the location. Matthew tells me that sometimes stealth is required. :)
Cemeteries are a good place to hide a geocache. Here is Matthew tracking the cache.
Looking along the fence.
Found it!
He checks out what's inside, and we sign the log.
Often, there are small trade items inside, and the cachers take something and leave something. He didn't want to take anything from this cache (too girly) but we left a Little Miracle for the next person.
Geocaching on a hot day makes a guy tired!
Our adventure continued the next day with a trip to the Indiana State Museum. Stay tuned!

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