Friday, June 7, 2013

Big Jon

Happy Birthday today to our son, Jonathan! I mentioned my friend Ruthann's birthday was Wednesday, and I recall celebrating her day 26 years ago when we joined three other couples on a Friday night for a road trip to the Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati. Yum! My extremely pregnant self enjoyed those super delicious ribs, and little Jonathan made his appearance on Sunday morning. 'Little' wasn't exactly accurate, though, because he weighed 9 pounds, 7 ounces. Have I mentioned that? I'm sure I have. And he just kept growing, and growing, and growing. :)

And although he'll tell you that he never got cake or a party (poor thing) I found some photos to prove otherwise.

Little one-year-old Jonathan. That cake was good!
A John Deere tractor cake.
Three years old!
And a cool jet copter.
Four years old in Nana's pool.
Celebrating with Jennifer.
A Reggie Miller cake with Grandpa and Grandma Stewart and some of the gang.
This was a party on the porch shared with Aunt Jenny.
And although this isn't a birthday photo, I just had to include it in the birthday post. Look at that cute little Jonathan.
He will be celebrating tonight with a trip to the Reds game with some of the family. Sounds like a perfect party for sports lovin' Jon.

To borrow a phrase I saw on his Facebook wall this morning, 
'Happy Birthday, big guy.'
Your mama loves you!

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