Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Horsin' Around at the Lake

On Saturday morning, I headed over to Camp Atterbury to the Hoosier Horse Park to announce for the 4-H Area Horse Show. One nice thing about it is that it's just 15 minutes from our lake house. It was always one of Jennifer's favorite shows, and it's fun to stay just a little bit involved by announcing for one show a year. Those kids grow up fast!

It was fun this year to see Steve's old horse Motion By Pro back in the show ring taking care of another beginning rider. Horses like Mo are worth their weight in gold for novice riders. He taught Steve about trail, and now he's teaching Cati about showmanship, horsemanship, and western pleasure. He even took her through the trail class, which she had never done before.

The photo is a little dark, but she is grinning from ear to ear. And that's what it's all about. (I think Mo's grinning too.)
Back at the lake, we went for a ride on the pontoon. Thankfully, it seemed to be back in working order for this weekend. Shelly and Matt enjoyed the ride.
Four little girls.
Grandpa and Matthew.
On Sunday, Matt worked on inflating two new boats for the kids.
Haleigh really just likes her little pink pool. She was busy making pancakes in her outdoor kitchen.
Matthew after being thrown off by Shamu.
Makenna smiles for the camera.
And tries out the boat on the dock.
Ready for the water!
Andrew and Darci are coming back from a boat ride while Matthew and Makenna are heading out.
They decided to take a little spin down to the end of the cove while Ella took a boat nap.
The group went across the cove to our neighbors' to try out the slide...
and the high dock.
Makenna tried the new diving board.
Matthew thought about it for a while...
then off he went! (I think there may have been a dilly bar bribe involved.)
Adam made sure he got safely back to our side of the cove.
Matt brought Abbi and Ella in the kayak, with Shelly and Makenna not far behind.
Jim found an opportunity to relax with his iPad. Surprising to no one. :)
Andrew and Courtney gather up the little girls on the watermat. We get quite a few boaters floating past and asking about the watermat. They ask how it works, and where we got it. The kids are happy to demonstrate and shout, "watermat dot com!"
 One more trip out for tubing.
 Have fun! Be safe! Bring everyone back! Lol.
And here they are, back safely. Some are happy...
 and some are not.
It doesn't take long for the smiles to return. There's no cryin' at the lake!

 Haleigh likes the swing this year.
So do Adam and Courtney.

Pretty soon, it's time for everyone to pack up and head for home. I'm always a little sad when everyone leaves, so we went down to Big Woods for dinner with Adam and Courtney. We still had time when we got back to do a little deck sitting and blessing counting. God is good.

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