Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super-Duper Stoked

We had a fun weekend at the lake with nice weather, good food, and great company. David and Tyler are fraternity brothers, and Tyler has been a great friend to both David and Andrew through their college years and beyond. It is always nice when moms can look out for the friends of our children and feel like 'mom' to them too. I know I think of Tyler as part of our extended family, and I think his mom feels the same about our boys. Tyler stood up with both David and Andrew at their weddings, and they did the same for him when he (finally) got married in March. :)

We have spent time with Tyler's family at football games, moms' weekends, weddings and such, and always have a good time together. That's what gave the kids the idea to plan a Stewart-Miller Lakehouse Weekend. The definition of fun. We selected a date that worked for all, and were, as David said, super-duper stoked for an epic weekend. :)

I didn't take many photos (although you may disagree by the end of this post), but spent lots of time floating, boating, eating, laughing, and enjoying two big crazy families having a good time together. As everyone arrived, unloading food and clothing, coolers and equipment, hugging, laughing, and greeting one another, Bryan compared it to the early scene from Home Alone where Kevin was looking for his cheese pizza amidst the chaos of his extended family. Cah-razy!

Matthew was excited to see his buddy Tyler. He and Ty go way back. To the day Matthew was born. :)

On Saturday morning, this group headed out to play golf at a nearby course. Though our boys are appreciative of the finest courses, they do enjoy the chance to play at a place that allows filled coolers and has no dress code.
Ella was outside in her jammies to see them off.
I think she was pretending to take a picture with her 'camera.'
Later, Haleigh and Ella were having a good time in the little pool on the dock.
Untilllll...... they weren't. Oh, sisters. :)
Poor Ella.
Matthew had a smile on his face, and it didn't take the girls long to be smiling again too. It was about this time that Matthew was wishing for the 'cool guys' to get back from golf. Those of us still there had our feelings hurt that we were not, in fact, 'cool guys.' Tough news to take. :)
Haleigh especially liked her new pirate ship she named 'Bucky' like the one from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. She was eager to head out to the Never Sea. Yo ho ho!
Ella crawled out onto the watermat...
to get to her daddy.
They enjoyed a lakeside lunch at the picnic table.
It was at that moment that Gumbo came walking up with his face covered in something very dirty.
He was a mess, and we soon discovered that he smelled even worse than he looked. Thankfully, Jennifer gave him a bath and he was good as new. Keep out of the stinky stuff, Gumbo!
Before Matthew went back to meet his mom, he posed with his buddy Tyler.
Tyler's brothers joined them for an 'all cool guys' photo. :)
Everyone loves the watermat, and soon Tyler and brother Kyle were having a brotherly game of chicken. Oh, brothers! :)
Meanwhile, upstairs, Ella was supposed to be napping.
We grilled ribeyes for supper, and the grill crew spent some time doing steak shots.
I think we lost three steaks before they were done.
Someone had to make sure they were safe to eat.
And they were.
For dessert? Homemade ice cream with yummy homemade toppings.
A hit with everyone.
On an evening boat ride, I managed to get photos of all aboard.
Tyler and Kyle.
Bret and Amy.
Three Miller boys.
David and Shylah.
Adam and Courtney.
Rick and Kelli.
And look who's pulling up alongside!
Andrew, Haleigh, Darci, and Ella. Hello girls!
I think Ella's playing Titanic. Lol.
We even got to enjoy the supermoon.
Sunday morning pancakes by Jim were enjoyed by all. Tyler even did his own IHOP imitation.
Adam and Courtney left in the afternoon. He's a real working guy now, and Monday morning comes bright and early.

The rest of us continued our floating...
and relaxing.
Haleigh, Andrew, Ella, and Darci were next to leave.
Jennifer and Bryan enjoyed some dock sitting.
One last boat ride, and this time we brought Angus along.
Sammi and Tyler.
Kyle, Sammi, and Tyler.
Our Captain, Jim, just before we turned around to head back to our dock. Just in time, too, since the rain was coming!
Bryan and Jennifer headed out.
A Miller family photo before they headed back home to Terre Haute, Fort Wayne, and Indy.
It was a fun weekend with lots of laughter and conversation, and only one minor mishap involving Jim, the recycling, and 6 staples in his leg. Oh, Jim! :(

Like Gumbo, we're dreaming of next time. At Sweetwater....

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