Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Caribbean Vacation

We spent last week in beautiful Grand Cayman. It is a great vacation spot, and while there, I took a vacation from social media as well. It felt good. I didn't blog, tweet, or update my status. I did a couple of Instagram posts, but for the most part I put the electronics down. Everyone should try it once in a while. (You know who you are.)

Our flight left EARLY from Indy,
and we got to see the sunrise as we flew the friendly skies. The best part about leaving so early is that we arrive on the island before noon, which gives us one more day of beach time.
 Noah enjoyed the flight...
 with his mommy and daddy.
 He even checked out Sports Center.
The group flying from Dayton arrived safely, and didn't waste any time hitting the beach.
Noah had his own beach tent.
It was a good spot for napping.
In addition to taking a break from social media, I also decided that I didn't want to spend every minute taking photos. You may not believe it, from the number included in this post, but I actually spent lots of time without the camera in my hand. Of course, between Darci, Jennifer, and me, we have well over 1000 photos. True story.

We always brought the cameras out for the sunset, hoping to catch the perfect shot of the big orange ball sinking in the water. It doesn't always happen that way, but it is still one of our favorite times of day on Seven Mile Beach. Of course, Boomie's rum punch adds to the festivity.

Andrew is ready for the sunset with a cute yellow headband.
Shylah and Matthew.
Next night. Three cuties.

 It was a stripes kind of night.

 Noah is so big!
 Grandpa and Matthew. Silly!
 Sweet family.
 David and Shylah.
 Noah tries on his daddy's hat.

 And his daddy tries on his hat. They are just hat kind of guys.
 Ella poses with her sand dinosaur skeleton.
 Haleigh and her daddy in the water.
 We did a lot of this. Nothing better than reading on the beach.
 Haleigh is flying high!
 While Noah naps in his tent.
 Nothing better than napping on the beach.
I caught a Holland America ship heading out to sea. I couldn't tell if it was our ship, but it looked like it anyway.
 More reading.
 A little beach walking.
 Smiles from Haleigh.

 Ella with an armful of toys.

 Nothing like digging in the sand on the beach.

Andrew started working on a sculpture one morning. It was probably the most activity out of anyone on the trip. Well, unless you count David and Bryan working out almost every day.
 He kept working...
 and working!
 Almost finished!
GO PIRATES in support of our basketball team who would play (and win!) in the state championship game last Saturday night. We were in Cayman last year when they won for the first time ever, and after the repeat win, we are pretty sure that the next time they play in the state finals we will definitely have to be in Cayman. Superstitious?
 It was tricky to get the whole sand sculpture in a photo. I could get the PIRATES, but missed the GO.

Andrew tried it from a higher perch. Showing our Pirate spirit from afar. :)

I think Haleigh might have been doing a version of 'Let it Go.'
Ella making a castle.
Sand is so much fun.
Haleigh jumping.
Ella sliding.
The girls loved the beach and the water, and I spent lots of Granny time in the water with them.

Matthew liked the water as well, and did lots of snorkeling and boogie boarding with some new friends he met.

 and reading.
Noah enjoyed the swing that Nana brought, which has been used by many babies in the family, and by Uncle Adam on this very beach. I'll have to find the picture of Adam to do a side by side.
I went with Andrew and Darci and the kids to Caymana Bay, where they have shops and restaurants, as well as this spray park for the kids.
They had fun playing in the water,
 and I stayed to watch them while Andrew and Darci checked out the area.
They were having fun,
but weren't too impressed with the sprays...
 until they started getting bigger...
 and bigger!
More water meant lots more fun!

Andrew even joined them when they got back.
Through the water tunnel.

We crossed the bridge to the island, where we found this cute iguana. Haleigh was a little worried about that thing around his neck.
Matthew relaxed in the hammock.
Say cheese!

We had our last dinner at The Wharf (Andrew, Darci, and kids skipped because they had the early flight home), and actually ate on the beach. We were even entertained by the Barefoot Man. A trip down memory lane! It was nice.
Noah had had a long week of fun in the sun, and was worn out.
Bryan and Jennifer.
Shylah and David.
Jim and me.
Mom and Dad.
Although the trip wasn't without incident - lights that didn't work, a cut finger on the coffee table glass, a broken dishwasher, a nasty stomach bug, several hours without water, a stolen credit card, and a two-hour flight delay on the way home - they are first world problems all, and didn't take away from our time together on a beautiful island.

Bye bye, beach. See you next time!

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