Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday 2 2 You!

We celebrated the birthday of Adam's girlfriend, Courtney, over the weekend. Courtney is a teacher, and she was fortunate that her birthday happened during spring break, so she enjoyed an extended celebration. As it should be. :) Courtney and Adam invited a fun group of friends to join them at the lake for the weekend birthday party. They also invited Jim and me. :)

Darci made her these colorful and delicious cookies. Yum!
Her friend Chellsey brought her a cute and clever bouquet.
We had cake and candles too. The big 2-2! Haha.
Chellsey, Megan, Shylah, Mackey, David, Austin.
Emily, Courtney, and Adam.

Kyle arrived a little later, and joined them downstairs for a group photo.
It has been raining so much that the lake was soooo high, and quite muddy. It looks green in the picture when the sun was shining. The water was so high that it completely covered our neighbors' dock across the cove. Hope they didn't have any furniture down there!
I also saw (and heard!) this bird, which I couldn't immediately identify. I watched it dive under the water and stay down for around 45 seconds. I wondered if it was a loon, because of it's unusual call, so I looked it up and I am fairly certain that it is, indeed, a loon. I haven't seen them at the lake before, and I learned that they are probably just stopping off on their northward migration. They can dive 200 feet, and stay under for as long as 90 seconds. Pretty cool.
We went to Nashville for lunch at our favorite, Big Woods Brewery.
Everyone enjoyed their brew and their pulled pork nachos. Delicious!
When we arrived back at the lake, the sun was shining, and there was talk by a few crazy brave souls about taking a plunge into the frigid lake. Jim and Kyle even did a little sunbathing while they contemplated the idea.
When we had four crazies on deck and ready for the plunge, Shylah got her phone ready for video documentation.
Jim (?!), Courtney, Kyle, and Chellsey were ready for the (self-imposed) challenge.
Here they go...
3…..  2….. 1….. GO!

Here's the video. Thanks to Shylah for sharing!

Here they are after their successful polar plunge!

On Saturday night, Courtney had an awesome video trivia game that she had made for us. Teams were set, and we were ready to exercise our brains as we attempted to answer the questions.
 Super Duper Trivia!
We didn't see any boats on the lake, but the sunshine gave us an itch for summer to hurry up and get here. It was nice to have the group, and we even managed to get a few sticks picked up and the tables and chairs carried down. Many hands make light work!
Happy 22nd Birthday, Courtney! It was fun to celebrate with you!

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Terri D. said...

What a great time you all had, and it is a birthday celebration I'm sure that will be remembered for a lifetime! Thanks for sharing the fun!