Friday, April 11, 2014

Green Friday

In honor of the Masters Golf Tournament, I thought I would do a little 'green Friday' post. My dad is a golfer. He learned to play golf back in his hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut. He earned a little money by caddying for players at the local golf club.

When he went off to college in far-off Indiana, (and by the way, he selected Hanover College from a catalog, and never visited the campus before arriving, bag and baggage, for the first day of class), he played on the golf team. He is there, in the photo, second from right in the front.
I would also add, that he fell in love with the midwest, and my mom, and never went back east. :)

Golf has always been part of his life. He has played golf with friends, family, and strangers acquaintences over the years. At this very moment, he is walking the turf of Augusta National, watching The Masters in person. 

Our family has a little tournament of our own each year, started by my Uncle Bill, and now held in his memory. They divide into teams and it's game on. I think it's fun?!

Here are the teams from a few years ago when the Rusco Cup was played on Mackinac Island.
Adam, Jim, Ted, and Evan...
vs. Andrew, Boomie, David, and Jonathan. With secret weapon Matthew, too.
Andrew gives Matthew a few pointers about golf course etiquette. :)
The Stewart Boys.
Three generations of golfers. My brother, Ted, his son, Evan, and my dad.

My dad and some combination of our boys have played several times in the Pregnancy Care Center outing. Here are Jim, Dad, David, and Jonathan in 2008.
I don't play golf, but I do know that it is a great way to spend time together. On a nice day, a walk around a beautiful course is just the ticket for relaxing. No stress at all. Lol.

It's also such a nice way for multi-generational groups to enjoy the chance to share in a mutual love of the game. I know I am thankful that my boys have had the opportunity to play golf with my dad.
I'm guessing his influence even had a little bit to do with these guys deciding to play 100 holes in one day. God bless those crazy, lovable golfers.

Have a GREEN Friday!

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Joyce said...

We really enjoyed the Masters. I'm a huge Bubba fan! He's fun to follow on Twitter btw. I love that he had a celebratory meal at Waffle House : )