Saturday, April 5, 2014

Phone Photo Friday - on Saturday

I found a few more photos from our vacation on my phone, so I thought I would share them for Phone Photo Friday, even though it's Saturday by now. Sigh.

Sunsets are fun to photograph, and even better to sit back and enjoy. Watching a beautiful sky fade into the sea is a clear reminder of God's hand in the creation of this big world we have been given to enjoy. God is so good.
Great-nana and great-granddaughter watching together.
I even found this one on my phone. It happens occasionally.
Beautiful sky.
At the Lobster Pot, we were Face Timing with Big Jon.
Shylah helps Ella say, "Hi Big Jon."
Noah was snoozing at the restaurant while a couple of guys tried to photo bomb.
Another shot of the setting sun.
My view on our last morning. It's always sad to leave this beautiful place.
In the airport awaiting our flight, Jim finds a spot to recharge. Literally.
Bye bye, Grand Cayman.
Bye bye, fluffy clouds.
Waiting in Dulles, Nana and Jim found time to recharge. Nana is tech savvy on her iPad. Or getting there anyway.
Noah relaxed in a different way. He was sooo good during our extended layover.
And, finally (finally), home sweet Indy.

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Terri D. said...

Your photos made me smile! Beautiful shots!!

Cathy said...

I love your phone pictures. The sky shots are gorgeous and so is that little grandson.

I have to say, I've only had a smartphone since February, but I love it and can't imagine my life without it now. I love having something so hand for pictures, etc.