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Getting to Know You #TBTStories

Spring brings showers, flowers, warm sunshine, and high school musicals. What, you don't think of high school musicals in the spring? Well, I do. I participated in musicals back when I was a school girl, and the tradition continued with my children.

My #TBTStories photo for today (and I know, I have photos, not a photo - I can't tell a story with just one) is from the musical The King and I, back in 1994. David was 11, Jennifer was 8, and Adam was 3. You can see them in the photo, all wearing blue. David is third from the right in the back, Jennifer is just in front of him, and Adam is third from the right in the front.
The choir director worked hard to assemble a group of children to participate, along with the high school cast, to produce The King and I. Besides the fact that our children were obviously beautiful and talented :), I always felt like they were selected, in part, because I was a reliable 'musical mom.' The director could count on me to have the kids there, to stay to supervise, to help with props and costumes, and even to run lines in a pinch. Besides that, I could provide multiple children. :)

Little Adam was just 3 years old, and despite my 'sure he will' when she asked him to participate, he wasn't all that excited about being on stage. Cue the bribery. Adam was to be the child who ran up to the King and knelt face down between his legs as the King surveyed his children parading before him. The King was then to pick him up and set him aside. Sounds easy, right?

Adam was scared. We talked, we pleaded, we begged, and we bribed. The choir room started to look like Toys R Us as everyone brought him gifts in hopes something would entice him to perform as directed. His mother may or may not have actually appeared on stage taking him by the hand to his mark. Whatever works. Ahem.
Back stage, it was all fun and games. Jennifer, of course, enjoyed the spotlight, and would appear in several other stage productions throughout her youth, as would David, Andrew, and Jonathan. Adam, not so much.

They loved being near the high school actors. Emily, who played the role of Anna, was one of Jennifer's idols. They even have the same smile in this photo. And I love Adam's expression.
The King, played by Jason, was a fascination to all the children. The little twins were particularly enthralled while they tried to figure out what happened to his hair.
Despite the need for bribery, it was a good experience for all, and the children were obviously adorable.  The song, Getting to Know You, is a catchy tune with a great lyric:
It's a very ancient saying, but a true and honest thought,
That if you become a teacher, by your pupils you'll be taught.
As a teacher I've been learning, you'll forgive me if I boast,
And I've now become an expert, on the subject I love most:
Getting to know you!

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Terri D. said...

OH my, what fun that must have been! I'm with your little one, though. Put me back stage, please!!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Love all the craziness that goes on behind the scenes of a production like that, especially when kids are involved!