Friday, January 1, 2010

... And a Happy New Year

Our traditional Smith-Stewart New Year's Eve Bash has lost it's appeal to the young folks, so we celebrated NYE a day early with Daryl and Ruthann for a quiet dinner out. I guess it was bound to happen. Our kids have traded in an evening of cut throat Trivial Pursuit to celebrate with friends in a more "cosmopolitan" atmosphere. As it should be. I guess.

That left us the opportunity to celebrate the new year with Matthew, which seems right in the natural progression of things. Especially since our bedtimes are more in alignment with his than with the 20-somethings.

Jonathan was giving him some lessons on the finer points of FIFA soccer before Jon headed to PU.

Nana and Boomie invited us to join them for a family buffet at Hillcrest, and after the challenge of loading Nana and her bum leg in the Tahoe, we headed for Batesville. The Christmas tree at the club was beautiful, as was the buffet table, and we all enjoyed our dinner.

Matthew wanted to sit by Boomie, his favorite playmate.

He managed to find some lemons (and some limes) on the buffet table, which he ate with his usual enthusiasm.

The beef tenderloin was awesome.

Matthew enjoyed surveying the dessert table to make his selection. He decided on a large piece of chocolate cake. Good choice.

Sure looks tasty.

All smiles after a little (big) chocolate.

Nana even brought her favorite game, Farkle. She taught Matthew how to play it on Monday, and he took to it like a duck to water.

Dice are ready, pencil for keeping score, let's start! I must say, that we played this game on my first trip to Haiti, and I pretty much hate it. A lot. Way too much adding for me.

Nana told him it helps to blow on the dice.

I'm not sure if it's true,
but he did manage to roll a straight. That's like 6000 points. Or 600. Or something.

Our friend Judy-the-dog-lover took our picture before we headed home.

Matthew got his jammies on and settled in to watch the NYE celebration on TV. He was hoping to be the last man standing when the ball dropped. Here he is enjoying a commercial. Is there a resolution suggestion there?

Grandpa shows him something on his arm extension -- I mean his computer.

Matthew has become camera shy recently, and I have to work at catching him for a picture. Possibly due to the 8 million or so pictures I have taken of him over the course of his almost 6 years. Good thing his baby sister will be here soon to take some of the photo pressure off of him.

"No pictures, Granny!"

He didn't quite make it to see the ball drop, but he gave it a good try. The actual time on the clock will remain confidential in order to protect the innocent. What happens at Granny's stays at Granny's. :)

As we enter a new decade, we pray for peaceful days, good health, and the blessing of time spent with the ones we love. Happy 2010!

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