Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feels Like Home

I headed to Indianapolis yesterday to make some returns, do some shopping with Jennifer, and visit Jamalyn and family in the new "green house."

When I got to Jennifer's, she greeted me at the door in a bit of a panic as she had just dropped her cell phone in the toilet. Thankfully, it was BEFORE, if you get my meaning. She had taken it apart and dried it with her hair dryer, and I told her that I have heard putting it in uncooked rice will remove the moisture. We headed for Marsh, bought a bag of rice and shoved the phone in. There were some signs of life throughout the evening, but I think it will be a couple days before we will know the prognosis.

After hitting Target, Home Goods, and Kohl's, we got a call from Jamalyn and headed their way. Their new home is just about ten minutes from Jennifer's. Margaret was excited to see us and took us right upstairs for the reveal of her new room. After we had our eyes securely closed, she threw open the door for the dramatic presentation. Almost like "move that bus!"

Here it is!! She has a beautiful new pink bed, and all her animals are carefully arranged in their new home.

Margaret wanted me to take a picture of Sidney, who was up on the bed to be a part of the room tour.

Dave and Jamalyn painted her dresser and dressing table white with pink trim to complete the perfect little girl room. It is fitting that the princess would have the first finished room in the house. Just a glimpse of what lies ahead... once a princess, always a princess.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Nana Lois was busy making supper. It'a a great kitchen, with center island and lots of counter space. I would keep Lois around to do all the cooking. I think they're calling her Julia.

They have a screened porch, which will be lots of fun in the summer. This picture shows the space between the house on the right, and the "rec room building" on the left. There is a garage sized building in the back which had been used as a workshop by the previous owners. Dave and Jamalyn had carpet installed, and will be able to use it as a place to entertain youth and families from their congregation. And their friends from Decatur/Rush county of course.

This is the rec room now. They still have a little organizing to do.

Nathan and David enjoy the new kitchen.

Nana Lois got Nathan this cute wagon for Christmas. Thankfully, she had the good sense to cover the original paint job with a more appropriate name. We will have to get her a sticker.

Jamalyn, Jennifer, and I went to Red Robin for dinner of burgers and bottomless fries. The food was good, but we were never quite sure who was actually waiting on us. The wait staff didn't seem to know either. We did get a visit at our table from the Robin himself (herself?).

Jennifer has a Red Robin Card that gives her credit for each burger she orders. Trouble is, she doesn't get burgers there since she likes their wraps. Jamalyn and I made the sacrifice and ordered burgers. I ordered this one, the chicken bruschetta burger. Can chicken be a burger?

Our meals came with bottomless fries. And fries. And fries. They just kept bringing them.

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