Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy PURDUE Year

We had a group of fourteen who made the trek on this cold, cold day to a sold-out Mackey Arena to cheer on our undefeated Boilers as they faced the also undefeated West Virginia Mountaineers. While we were expecting it to be a close one, we were hoping that the Boiler faithful would provide enough noise to give us that all-important home court advantage. With most of the students away from campus, it was great to see so many fans come out to support this team and to feel the excitement.

This is the view from our seats as the arena started to fill up. Yes, we were at the top. Well, there was one row behind us.

The band and the Paint Crew helped get the crowd fired up.

"Hail, hail to old Purdue."

The starting lineups are introduced and the Boilers huddle up. These guys are ready.

This little group of West Virginia fans was just behind us. The two little guys on the end were very enthusiastic about their team, although their favorite thing to say seemed to be "Boiler down." I guess it's easier to yell than any cheer involving the words, "West Virginia University Mountaineers." What a mouthful. As the game went on, and they continued their chants and cheers (jeers), Jon asked if he could say "score-board" to which I answered, "no, they're eight years old." We are good sports here in the Big Ten. They were pretty quiet by the end of the game, and I do hope they enjoyed their visit to Mackey Arena.

Halftime entertainment included Purdue Pete surfing across the floor.

Dustin and Jennifer.
Darci and Andrew.

David, Adam, and Jon. Not sure what's going on here.

Kristen and Kyle, friends of David and Shylah.

Shylah and her dad. Sitting waaaay down there. That's where David and Shylah normally sit.

Final score as shown with Purdue Pete on the jumbo-tron: Purdue 77, West Virginia 62. Great win for the Boilers!

The Stewart sibs celebrate the victory. A great start to 2010!

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