Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haleigh at Home

Andrew and Darci brought little Haleigh home on Friday afternoon. Matthew and I arrived shortly thereafter, and it was a blessing to be able to share those first special days with them.

Aunt Fer came from Zionsville to meet her new niece. A girl with four (great) brothers and a nephew is glad to have another girl in the family.

Sweet Baby Haleigh.

Grandpa Jim, Nana, and Boomie arrived on Saturday, and Jim assumed his favorite baby holding position. One of these days, I will have to locate the pictures of him just like this one holding each of our five.

Matthew and Aunt Fer enjoyed some time coloring with his new drawing pad and markers.

The guys moved to the basement to enjoy a little time with the Wii. Matthew and Andrew played a little baseball.

While Jim and Boomie, um, watched.

Nana got a turn to hold Haleigh.

Such a pretty girl.

Matthew played a few games on his dad's phone.

Andrew took a picture of Granny, Matthew, and Haleigh.

Then Andrew practiced his skills... like father like son.

Andrew had the opportunity to go to the Colts vs. Jets game. Here, he is saying goodbye to Haleigh and Matthew. You can see which team they're supporting. :)

Matthew and I got ready to head back north, and gave hugs and kisses to Darci and Haleigh.

A sweet kiss for his little sister.

We headed back in time to see the end of the Colts' game, and to watch the Saints play. It sure was an exciting day for football. But that's tomorrow's story.

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