Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Chillin'

Rush County had a snow day today, so I got to have Matthew stay with me. I have always taken snow days literally... which means we stayed home, watched a little TV, played with some toys, and just chilled. Of course, chilly is an accurate description, since it was 9 degrees according to the Tahoe when I picked him up this morning. Brrrrr!

This is the view of the grill from our back door. No grilling tonight!

After a busy day playing and relaxing at home, Matthew and I headed for Seymour to meet Andrew and Darci. Matthew asked how long it would take to get there, and when I said it would be about an hour, enough time to take a little rest, he promptly went to sleep. He can go from talking to sleeping in about 2 seconds.

Speaking of chilly, we met for dinner at one of our favorites, Chili's.

Matthew started playing hard to get when I took out the camera...

but his daddy helped me get at least one picture of him! Don't worry, no children were injured in the shooting of this photo. :)

Matthew and Andrew enjoyed their favorites: chips and salsa, fries with ranch, and buffalo chicken with ranch.

Matthew wasn't sure he had any room on his dessert side, but he did manage a couple bites of another favorite of Andrew's, Paradise Pie. A perfect way to finish off our meal.

Andrew, Darci and Matthew headed to Louisville, and I headed back to the 'burg (keeping it on cruise control of course). Now we are just waiting for a phone call announcing a move by baby Haleigh. Darci has apparently given her an eviction notice, and is ready for her to be movin' on out. I can't really blame the little one for wanting to stay where she is... it's cold out here!

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