Saturday, January 16, 2010

Geaux Saints and Gumbo

On an NFL playoff weekend, Jennifer and I headed to Columbus to meet a dog that was up for adoption. The Humane Society of Scott County had a cute little dog on so after filling out their application, I was cleared to meet him at their adoption event at PetCo.

There were at least three different pet rescue groups in the store, and dogs everywhere. Quite a busy place to be on a Saturday afternoon. We soon met the correct group, and were introduced to "Julius." He is a cutie, and I decided to take him home.

Here is Jennifer holding him in the store.

And she took a picture of me with him too.

We didn't really think "Julius" fit, so I had been thinking of another name for him. This is the New Orleans Saints mascot, "Gumbo." While he is, of course, a "Saint" Bernard, and quite a bit bigger than my dog, I thought it would be a fitting name for a little gold dog owned by a Saints fan. I could have named him "Fleur de Lis" but that's a bit fussy.
He seems to be getting comfortable in his new home.
Of course, his first order of business was to watch his favorite team play football. So glad Shockey was back, and Reggie was ON FIRE! Geaux Saints! Who Dat!

He liked the sign in the stands at the Superdome that said "Finish Strong."

And they sure did.
Happy Birthday Drew! Let's celebrate!

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