Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pray for Haiti

Please keep our Haitian friends and our friends in Haiti in your prayers. Jamalyn and a group of folks from Milroy and St. Luke's arrived in Port au Prince on Monday, and were heading to Fondwa on Tuesday. We are waiting to hear from them, as cell phones are down, and internet isn't always available in their area. News reports show devastation in Port au Prince, and I pray that they were safe in Fondwa when the earthquake hit. Blocked roads and cancelled flights may make it difficult for them to get home this weekend.

To give you a sense of the geography of Haiti, you can see Port au Prince there in the "crook" of the backward "C" shape of Haiti. Fondwa is to the west and south of PAP. We drive west to Leogane, which you can see on the map, then head up the mountains to the south toward Jacmel (in the yellow on the southern coast). I know the map is small, but you can see that Fondwa is relatively close to Port au Prince.

This is a picture I took of the presidential palace in November. They call it the Haitian "white house." It is a beautiful and impressive building in downtown Port au Prince.

This is a picture of the palace today, destroyed by the earthquake. This is a strong and substantial building. It is hard to imagine the damage to the buildings and homes "stacked" on the hillsides and not nearly as well built.

Please pray for Jamalyn and her group, our friends in Fondwa, and the people of Haiti as they face yet another devastating event in their country. May God be with them.

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