Friday, March 26, 2010

Go Nathan!

Nathan came to visit today and brought his mommy and daddy to have a meeting here. Nathan helped me in the kitchen while they were having their meeting. He wasn't so interested in playing with toys, but he loves the doors at our house. He had fun with the swinging door between our kitchen and dining room, the doors below the china cupboard (secured with rubber bands - I know about little boys), the freezer door, and the doors to the pantry. He even thought the pantry made a pretty good resting spot.

A perfect place for snacking on Cheerios.

He loves working the light switch.

And he is quite proud of himself for turning the light on and off again and again.

I offered him crayons and a coloring book, and he had lots of fun with them. He got the giggles from dropping handfuls of crayons on the floor.

Such a cutie.
Not sure what's up with the Tennessee shirt. I'm sure he has a (several) perfectly good Purdue shirt he could (should) be wearing today. At least he's not wearing a blue one. I definitely heard him say "Boiler Up" when we were alone in the kitchen together. Go Boilers! Beat... well you know. :)

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