Friday, March 5, 2010

Bowling for Cousins

Grandma's 90th birthday celebration weekend began with a family bowling outing at Greensburg's Parkside Lanes.

Aunt Barbara, here from Vermont, brought treats for the little ones. Carter and Ethan listen carefully to her instructions about their new toys.

Noelle enjoyed meeting her new cousin Haleigh. Noelle arrived in Indiana last night with her parents, Brian and Lucy, and her brothers, Ethan and Connor, from their home in Texas.

Connor demonstrated his two-fisted method for eating chips.

Riley watches his ball move slowly down the lane.

Sometimes, it's so slow that it stops. And someone has to go get it.

Ethan shows his form.

Steve shows form of another kind. Apple dumplings with Cheetos on top.

Natalie and Becca meet Haleigh. Natalie, David, Becca and Jack drove in last night from New York.

Becca and Haleigh share a little girl talk.

Noelle joins in the fun.

Sweet girls share a snuggle.

Grandpa takes care of some important business. Actually it was Kevin calling to say he would not be able to make it to the party. We will miss him.

Grandma gets a turn to share a little lovin' with Haleigh.

Carter was showing us some dance moves with his Aunt Jess. Silly boy.

Four generations of Stewart men: John, Jim, Matthew, and Andrew.

Connor tries the blue Gatorade. Blue lips to follow.

Gramps Steve and Carter provide some entertainment.

Noelle tries her best to send the ball toward the pins. Getting it going in the right direction was sometimes a bit of a challenge.

Riley checks the scoreboard while he waits for his next turn.

Aunt Barbara and Haleigh.

Grammy Janet helps Carter with the race car game. I think he was winning.

Grandpa Jim gets a turn to snuggle with Haleigh. She gets around.

Jack had a good night at the lanes.

Haleigh even got a diaper change right there on the table. Becca with the assist.

Matthew did not want me to take a picture of his shoes. I managed to sneak one anyway. I'm tricky like that.

Jim and Matthew are ready to head home after a fun night of bowling. It was great to share an evening with family that we don't get to see very often. We look forward to celebrating with Grandma and lots of extended family tomorrow afternoon.

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