Sunday, March 14, 2010


We leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Grand Cayman, and the packing is almost done. Well, MY packing is almost done, Jim and Adam are just getting started. I have done this packing thing a time or two, and it goes pretty smoothly. I have a master list on the computer, so I just adjust it according to how many travelers we have, and it's as simple as that!

We take fins, masks and snorkels....

some necessary food and laundry items...

and of course, the meat. We have never had trouble taking it through customs, which is fortunate. I'm afraid some of our boys might end up in jail if anyone tries to take our meat! Nothing like enjoying a good juicy burger after a Caribbean sunset.

We'll also be needing lots of sunscreen.

A couple of our bags are ready to be weighed.

Gumbo won't be making the trip with us, so he gets his own vacation at

Dogs All Day. They offer dog and cat boarding, day care, and grooming, and I know he'll have lots of fun there. They even have play groups for the doggies.

Here he is getting settled in his own private suite.

Bye, bye, Gumbo! See you next week!

I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done while we're gone. I will be very busy, you know, sitting on the beach, reading a book, and sipping a cold beverage. We'll be on island time, which is even better than daylight savings time! :)

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Sarah said...

Have fun! Drink a beverage for me:)