Friday, March 12, 2010

Weak in the Knees

Last week, I was at Methodist Sports Med with my mom. Today I was back again, this time with Jonathan. It seems he injured his leg in November, but wasn't bothered by it too much until he started playing intramural basketball in the last few weeks. On Friday night at the high school sectional game, he visited his old buddy Kevin, the trainer. Kevin has taken good care of Jon through his various high school injuries, and was nice enough to take a look at his knee. He thought there was a possibility of a tear in the cartilage, which is why we ended up here today.

The exam room did have some familiar faces on the wall, thanking the doctors for their help in getting them back on the field. There's our old friend Stuart Schweigert in the top row. You can also see Kyle Orton, and next to him, Joey Elliot, flat on his back. Sometimes it's tough to be a Boiler!

Here's Jon, waiting for the doctor. It might look like he's in pain, but he's actually concentrating on his phone and trying to prevent me from taking pictures.

Dr. Maiers checked out the knee and decided he needed an MRI. He also noted that I was wearing a Purdue outfit, while Jon is a student at IU. We told him not all families are perfect.

With time between the exam and the MRI, we headed out to grab a bite of lunch. Jon chose this place.

Again, checking out his phone while we wait for our food.

The best part of Fazoli's. Yummmm!

On our way back in to the clinic for the MRI, we saw a cowboy changing out of his boots to go in for his appointment. He had this sign on the back of his van. Just in case you wondered what PETA stands for. :)

Jonathan thought the waiting room in the MRI area had the feel of a talk show set. Here he is entertaining his imaginary guest.

Jon headed back to B-town, and I did a bit of shopping before starting home to the 'burg. This is what my drive home looked like. Fortunately we will be heading for sun and sand next week! Ahhhhh!

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Sarah said...

I went to Methodist Sports Med when I cracked my elbow last year. Love the doctors there!