Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

We left Monday morning for Grand Cayman, with 6 adults, 2 college boys (I like to call them the "little boys" but they're not so little), and baby Haleigh.

Here are David and Shylah at the departure gate at IIA.

Jim getting in some last minute work... or is is last minute winks?

Adam and Ryan.

Adam listening to some music on the iPhone.

Darci, Andrew, and Haleigh are ready for her first airplane ride.

Haleigh was perfect on the plane. We will expect the same every trip now.

Sweet sleeping baby.

We arrived in Grand Cayman around 1:30 local time. We decided it's great to fly on a Monday, as we got through immigration, baggage claim, and customs in record time. Even with a check from the dept. of agriculture to ok our meat. No problem!
Shylah and Haleigh watch as the guys attempt to load the luggage in the van. The goal was to get 8 people + 1 car seat + 1 stroller +13 bags in the 9 passenger van in one trip from airport to villa.
They are up for the challenge.

All the bags...

in the van!

All the people too!

Once we checked in and unloaded at the condo, we had to make a stop here. :)

A traditional Wendy Cayman meal.

Next stop, the grocery.

Just a few of the items we'll need for the week.
Haleigh enjoyed her first day on the beach, looking cute.

First Cayman sunset of the week.

Adam and Ryan trolling the beach.

Haleigh and Andrew having a little talk.

Adam and Andrew doing a little sparring.

Haleigh gets a kiss from her favorite uncle. Don't tell the others.

The end of our first day in Cayman. All are ready for a good night's sleep.

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