Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Sun Sets on Siena

So this is the view looking out from our condo.

Would we really be inside watching this on TV?

Of course we would! We were supporting our Boilers as they took on Siena in the first round of the NCAA tournament. David and Adam looking a bit nervous in the first half.

David asked Shylah to change her shirt before halftime. She shouldn't have been surprised. And it worked! Here, Shy and Ryan look forward to the second half.

Andrew follows along on his computer. As I read in one online article, Purdue was playing with an "us against the world" attitude given that no one (not even the president of the United States) gave them much of a chance to win without you know who in the lineup. But you know what? Us won! Boiler Up!

Ryan and Adam celebrate with a walk on the beach.

We get ready to enjoy another Cayman sunset.

Adam gets into the photo taking.
And someone even takes my picture.

Jim decides that the best way to get your picture taken is to hold the baby. Smart move.
Andrew and Darci.

Shylah and David.

Haleigh and her mommy.
Just Haleigh.

One of the best sunsets ever. In honor of the Boilers, I think.

And Haleigh takes a snooze on her daddy's shoulder.

Dinner to celebrate the victory was at Breezes in downtown Georgetown. This was the view from our table on the deck.

Ryan and Adam.

A cool refreshment.

The plaid shorts boys.

And a yummy chocolate lava cake for dessert. A great day.

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