Friday, December 31, 2010

Day at the Museum

Nana took Matthew to the Children's Museum on Thursday.  I didn't go along, so I gave her my little camera and she took a few shots to document the day.  Please understand that she's not really used to operating a camera. :)  I took this one before they left.

He liked the water clock in the main hall.

In the Arctic exhibit, he found out how his weight compares to a polar bear's.  He weighs the same as a three month old polar bear. 

Here he was checking to see how far it is from Louisville to the North Pole.  He is a map lover.

They checked out the trains.

He loved the dinosaurs.

He spent some time on a computer game.

And he posed at the bottom of the Jolly Slide.  The line was sooooooo long, that they decided to pass on the trip down the slide.

He was excited to visit the gift shop to select his Christmas gift from Nana.

He looked carefully at everything.

And finally decided on a Lego set (although I don't think it was this one.)  He will act surprised when he opens it at Nana's house.

They met up with Andrew and Darci afterwards, and headed home after a great day at the museum.

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