Monday, December 6, 2010

The Saints March Into Cincy

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to see the Saints play in person when they faced the Bengals in Cincinnati. Never mind that the forecast called for a high of 32 degrees! We bundled up and headed out for a fun day of football. As I posted on my Facebook page, Matthew had asked if it would be warm in the Superdome. I told him that it would, but the game was in CINCINNATI! Brrrr!

I follow @Official_Saints on Twitter, and also on Facebook, and they sent out a tweet asking for fan photos from the game. Naturally, I had taken our flag for just such a photo opportunity. Jonathan declined the chance to be IN the picture, but agreed to take one of Jim, Matthew, and me before the game. Actually it was before the stadium doors opened. I like to arrive early. The photo, along with another I took of a fan inside, was posted on the Saints Facebook page. Who Dat!

Matthew and I hustled to our seats as soon as the doors opened, and the Saints were already warming up on the field. We spotted our favorite player right away.

He was trying to stay warm, too.

Our seats were in the section above the tunnel where the visiting team comes out (imagine that!) so we went right down to the wall to see if Matthew might get Drew to sign the picture that I took of the two of them in June at Purdue.
Sure enough, he came over to the wall, and with a "Hi buddy" to Matthew, signed autographs for several young (and old) fans. What a good guy.
Matthew (and Granny) were thrilled with his special keepsake. It pays to get there early!

These two are kind of a big deal in Cincinnati. Just ask them.

Here come the Saints!

Coach Sean Payton walks out on the field. Remember what I said about him messing with his visor? I think it's how he stays calm during the pregame warm ups.

This colorful fan drew lots of attention.

I sent his picture to the Saints' Twitter account, and it was also posted on their Facebook page.

Quite a costume. I wonder if he drove all the way from New Orleans?

The quarterback leads the team in a pregame chant.

And if you look carefully, you can see him in the center of the huddle.

We liked watching them warm up. Something about this picture makes me smile. In a hokey pokey sort of way.

Darren Sharper gets a pregame handshake.

Marques Colston, Hofstra University, 7th round draft pick. He's got guns.

Jeremy Shockey.

Reggie, Reggie...

Let's go boys.

While they were warming up on the field, we were just trying to keep warm.

The team stands for the National Anthem.

The flyover was pretty cool.

That plane was big. And close.

Andrew was able to come sit with us after halftime.

Those Bengals hung around and made it a ball game, but the Saints stayed cool (while we froze) and pulled out a win. We Dey! Who Dat!

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