Friday, December 31, 2010

Let it be Christmas

 The stockings were hung, and it was finally time for Santa to make his appearance.  Just a little late, but Santa always knows where he needs to be.  It helps that I've always been on good terms with Santa.  "Santa? I KNOW him!"

On Wednesday, Matthew opened one gift from under the tree, and got right to work on a new Lego game.

Soon he had the game ready to challenge Uncle David and Daddy.

I think the big boys got schooled.

David and Shylah had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa (Josh, Elizabeth, Jim, and I went too).  They weren't able to be here when we celebrated Christmas with the Stewarts since it's a bit far from North Carolina.

Happy Haleigh sporting a diaper and wrapping paper on the night before Santa came.

She is showing Aunt Fer that she's "so big!"

We tried to get a picture of Matthew and Haleigh in their Christmas jammies.  This was right before she wiped out on the floor in front of the fireplace.

We switched to the chair since it seemed a bit safer.

Then Matthew and Gumbo shared a snuggle.

Hay is all ready for bed in her sleep sack.

And they remembered to leave some cookies and milk for Santa.  Matthew decided to leave M & Ms for the reindeer.

In the morning, we saw that Santa (and reindeer) had enjoyed the treats.

Haleigh and Grandpa were waiting to open presents.  Hay took a little snooze with her hat on her eyes.

I think they were working on a spread sheet.

Haleigh was first to open a present, with help from big brother Matthew.

It was a Wheely Bug.  In Purdue colors, of course.

Matthew got a Wizard's Castle, and put it right together.

He also got the King's Castle, and put it together too.

Big Jon and Matthew worked on the Turtle Reptangles before Jon headed out to celebrate the new year.

Two cool dudes.

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