Sunday, December 26, 2010

Joy to the World!

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Greensburg United Methodist Church, as I have since I was a little girl, and we were blessed to have our family home, filling two pews, for this special service.  The sanctuary looked so nice.  The platform in the front, with the manger, was for the Children's Pageant part of the service.  According to Nana, who had helped with the preparation, it would be a Christmas miracle if they actually got through it.

No worries though, as it went off without a hitch, and the little angels were all, well, angels.  I was too far away to get any good pictures, but I did take one that I wanted to post.  They were just so darn cute.  Of course our grown up Stewart kids recognized the angel wings and the sheep hats from their own days up front at church.  Jonathan said, "I'm so glad our parents didn't embarrass us by making us do that kind of stuff.  Oh wait..... they did."  Yes, we did.

We even got those grown up Stewart kids to pose for a couple photos after church.  Still cute.

Christmas morning, we celebrated with breakfast together, but we will save our gift giving for later this week when the kids come back.  David and Shylah, and Andrew and Darci and the kids headed out right after breakfast to celebrate with the other side of their families up north.

Of course, I had to get a few photos of cute little Haleigh all dressed up in one of her Christmas outfits.  She has several.  : )

She is really starting to walk now, and it won't be long before she's off and running.

I liked this sassy little smile.

Jennifer took some sweet candy shots.

And Matthew and Haleigh sat together for some Christmas morning photos.

Sweet kids, sweet treats.

And even sweet dog Emma posed in front of the tree.  It was a Merry Christmas morning!

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