Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Stewart Christmas

On Sunday, we celebrated Christmas with the extended Stewart family.  Making the day extra special this year was a visit from Natalie, Becca, and Jack, who came from New York to join in the fun.  The snowy day prompted a small change in location, and we all gathered at Grandma and Grandpa's so that they didn't have to get out in the cold.

Natalie and her sweet daughter Becca pose with Grandma Stewart.

Natalie's son Jack was entertaining the little boys with some kind of hand held gizmo.

They asked if I wanted a nice picture, and posed for this one.  Jack, Matthew, and Carter.

Riley was keeping watch over sweet baby Shayne, almost three months old.

Haleigh was watching everyone, and practicing her walking.

Emerson and Gramps Steve.

He introduced her to sugar cream pie.

Haleigh got some too, from Grandpa Jim.  Yummy!

Josh and his girls, Arden and Emerson.

Baby Shayne.

Jessica, Jennifer, and Elizabeth.

Jim was getting ready to read the Christmas Story, and was showing Matthew which verses he would be reading, when it was suggested that one of the children do the reading.  Through the years, the grandchildren have taken turns, and now the honor falls to the great-grandchildren.

Matthew and Riley got together, and decided they would read as a team.

Something gave them the giggles before they started.

But they were very serious about their reading.  They alternated verses, and did a great job.  Jack served as prompter when needed.

The group listened intently to that special story of the birth of our Savior, who came to us as a baby, Jesus.

Harper listened too.

Barbara and Pat dropped in via Skype, as did Neal.  We enjoyed the view from his NYC apartment.  Oh the wonder of technology.

Harper shares a bite of cupcake with Gramps.

Susan holds sleeping Shayne, while Jennifer and Natalie snuggle.

Becca and Haleigh share a laugh.

And as I've said before, a full house makes a mom's-grandma's-great-grandma's (and grandpa's) heart full.  Celebrating the birth of our Savior, surrounded by loved ones, is one of the best blessings of all.

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