Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rudolph and Friends

Matthew and I decided to try a little cookie project after school on Friday.  I found instructions for several different kinds of reindeer cookies, and I thought these were the cutest (and the easiest!).  Of course, I simplified it even more by using packaged peanut butter cookie dough.  All you overachievers out there can go ahead and make your own from scratch.

I used a cookie scoop to make balls, then pinched and flattened into the shape of a reindeer head.  Of course that's what it is, can't you tell?

When they came out of the oven, Matthew was ready to add eyes, noses, and antlers.  I helped since we had to do it while the dough was still hot.  That's the only tricky part, since we didn't want anyone to get burned.

We used M & M's for the noses, chocolate chips for the eyes, and regular and chocolate covered pretzels for the antlers.  Matthew wanted some of each.  He also wanted both brown-nosed and red-nosed reindeer.  I would have probably made them all Rudolph without thinking of the other eight.

Of course, we had to sample a bit of candy in the process.

Quick and easy, and very cute.  These guys look like they might be ready for some reindeer games.  Like monopoly (or maybe a round of 'eat the antler off the reindeer')!

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