Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Club Monday

I haven't written about our Book Club in quite a while, so I thought I would share a little about our most recent selection.

Our Book Club is a church group, started by our former Associate Pastor, Jamalyn. When she deserted us accepted an appointment at another church, the ladies all decided that I should be the leader of the Club. Talk about pressure! For one thing, these ladies are readers. They fly through books like the Stewarts on a Molten Chocolate Cake. They are patient with me though, and give me lots of grace when I don't have the book finished or I make a selection that is not their favorite. I appreciate the time spent with these women (most - not all - are about 30 years my senior) for their wisdom, for the stories they share, and for the strength of their faith.

Today we discussed Wish You Well, by David Baldacci. It is a change from most of Baldacci's other novels, which are often political thrillers. We loved the book and the lessons learned by the main characters, Lou and Oz, who are sent from the city to the mountains of Virginia to live with their great-grandmother after their father is killed and their mother injured in a car accident. We also like it because, as one of the ladies said, "I like books that turn out right, and this one turned out right." We do, and it did. Definitely a good read.

Our club meets the first and third Mondays each month at Somethin's Perkin',

where Bill and Tammy take such good care of us. We are blessed to be able to share our love of books, a tasty lunch, and a prayer together at our "meetings." And one of the ladies even likes to have dessert with her books! Yum-mee!

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