Monday, April 25, 2011

He Is Risen Indeed!

We were blessed with a beautiful celebration of the resurrection on Easter morning. We had a full sanctuary, beautiful music, bell-ringing children, and a great message to remind of this great gift, and lead us into the resurrection days ahead. 
He is risen. He is risen indeed!

After church, we enjoyed lunch out with family. No egg hunts or jelly beans, but Adam and Jon did wear their Easter bright shirts to celebrate the day.

Trying hard not to smile for the camera.

I think these are their "I'm hungry" faces.

Bryan and Jennifer were much more cooperative.

Aunt Jenny Anne with niece Dot.

Dot was telling her about the bunny prints she found on the front porch this morning.

The buffet was beautiful, including these colorful cupcakes.

They look good enough to eat!

Dara found the eating to be a bit tricky though.

She ended up with a icing-cicle on her nose.

I was especially happy to talk the waitress into a dip of Graeter's raspberry chip ice cream. Another Easter hallelujah!

After lunch, we took a few pictures outside. 
Bryan and Jennifer.

Jennifer and Jenny in their look-alike outfits. Jennifer is rockin' the red shoes.

My brother Michael and his cupcake.

Dara, Jennifer, and Sam.

My dad and my brother Ted.

Dara showing the versatility of her scarf.

Cheryl, Ted, Sam, Dara, and Evan.

And probably my favorite Easter song, by one of my favorites, my good friend Sandi. Well, I'm sure we would be friends if she knew me. :)
Turn off the blog music to enjoy classic Sandi singing "Was it a Morning Like This?"

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