Saturday, April 9, 2011

JJ Heller

On Friday night, Jim and I had the opportunity to see JJ Heller in concert at Fishers UMC. She was performing at the MOVE Conference for college students and young adults.

Yes, I am aware that we are neither college students nor young adults, but they allowed fans of JJ to attend. I was sooooo excited. I love her music. If you don't know JJ, you should. She has a few songs currently being played on Christian radio, and she has lots more great ones on her CDs. Some of them may be playing as you read this!

And yes, you might have noticed, she's pregnant. Isn't that a cute little baby bump? Their second child is due in September, joining their daughter, Lucy, who's two.

JJ describes their music as "acoustic, lyrically driven, folk-ish music."

Here she is leading the audience in hand motions for their song, "Back Home." I told Jim that it might be a little hard for me to do those while I'm driving.

The small (church gymnasium) setting made the performance a personal and intimate time of sharing and worship. JJ keeps in touch with her fans through her blog, Lovely Little Things, and her Facebook page. She makes her fans feel like friends.

One of the fun things about the evening was the sweet banter between the husband and wife team, which reflected their love for Jesus, their music, and each other.

One review I read said, "They have a warm and probing spirituality, brought to life by an inspired, creative mix of heart-stirring vocals, well-presented meaningful lyrics, and memorable melodies all which are supported with just the right musical accompaniment, that underscore the dynamics and emotional mood, becoming the icing on the musical cake." (Julie Carr,

They had fun with the audience and with each other, and even took a couple requests. Jim didn't know the words to every song like I did, but he still really enjoyed the show. He even stayed awake for the whole thing!

If you have not seen the video of their song, "What Love Really Means", you should click here to watch it now.

Their song "Your Hands" gained national recognition for them when it was used by one of the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance. An executive with a Christian radio station heard it, started playing it, and soon it was being played on Christian radio all over the country. JJ actually wrote the song as a result of her struggle with anxiety, and it is this song that God used to open doors for them to touch thousands of others with their music. It is an awesome song, and always makes me think of the earthquake in Haiti. I posted a video of a slide show of earthquake photos that someone had put together to the song, "Your Hands." So powerful.

When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands.

After the show, JJ and Dave spent time visiting with their fans, signing autographs, and posing for pictures. It was an awesome evening of music and worship, and a blessing to be in attendance.

Jennifer and Bryan weren't able to come to the concert with us, but they did meet us at the Cheesecake Factory for dessert after the show. Another blessing!

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