Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Grand Day

Thursday afternoon was Grandparents' Day at Arlington Elementary. It was nicely planned so that the grandparents or special friends met their child in the gym right after school, and then the students led the grown-ups to the various activities.

Matthew was excited to make sure our first stop was the Book Fair!

He had two grandmas with him to help select some good books to purchase. He showed some of them to his teacher back in his classroom.

The set of dinosaur books came with a dinosaur tooth necklace.

He checked out the first book in the set while we visited his classroom.

He had a library book ready to read to us...

and he showed us his cubby in his room.

He read to his Grandma Hamilton,

and then he was ready to take an AR test on the book, The Bravest of the Brave.

AR stands for Accelerated Reader. Most books in the school library have a point value for a test that is taken on the computer. At Matthew's school, the tests are used for part of the reading grade. He quickly took the test, and got 100% correct. Great job, Matthew!

After the Book Fair, a visit to the classroom, and the AR test in the computer lab, he said it was "time to get refreshed." There were refreshments served in the cafeteria before we headed home. Of course, Matthew needed just a few minutes to try out a game on Granny's phone. Just this once.  :)

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