Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime at Ross-Ade

Saturday was Spring Fest and Moms' Day at Purdue. While this is what it looked like on the way up...

by the time I got to campus the weather was looking much better. The men of Alpha Gamma Rho welcomed their moms with a delicious lunch and a fun auction. Each mom brings something to donate to the auction, then the seniors act as auctioneers so the moms can bid against each other to buy the items. It's all in good fun and for a good cause. After the auction, the moms get together to decide what the boys "need" for the house.

One of the fun and unique "decorative items" in the AGR house is this semi cab. It sticks out of one of the walls in the basement and houses the control panel for the sound system. Pretty clever, don't you think? Only a bunch of farm boys would think to haul an old semi into the basement.

When the auction was well under way, Adam and I decided to take advantage of the change in weather to head over to the spring football scrimmage at Ross-Ade Stadium. Now you may not think that sounds like a typical way to entertain your mother, but for this mom, it was perfect. It made us both anxious for fall.

We got there right before the halftime break, and just in time to see Carson Wiggs kick a 67-yard field goal. That boy has a leg! Just hope he can kick like that come fall.

After the kick, he celebrated on the way to the locker room.

The blue sky over the press box looked pretty nice, and we enjoyed the warm sunshine... finally!

During halftime, they introduced a large group of former players that had returned for the day. Jonathan's all time favorite player was among them. Mike Alstott has been his favorite since he played at Purdue when Jon was about 8 years old. Legend has it that Alstott pushed his jeep up the hill next to Ross-Ade as part of his weight training.

He went on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which was (and probably still is) Jonathan's favorite team. Alstott has a Super Bowl ring from his days as a Buccaneer.

Mike Alstott was there on Saturday, enjoying his time down on the field visiting with all the other players.

Two more of our favorites, Tim Stratton and Vinny Sutherland, were also there having a good time.

I think these guys always had fun. There's a story about Tim Stratton losing his helmet during the rushing of the field in the Rose Bowl frenzy after beating IU....

oh Tim... where IS your helmet?

Stuart Schweigert was in the house.

He holds the Purdue record for most career interceptions. I can still hear the cheers of Stuuuuuuuu after he made a big play.

Ryan Kerrigan finished his career at Purdue last fall and was a unanimous 1st team All-American, the first in Purdue history. He is, as Adam says, "a stud." We are anxious to follow his career in the NFL.

Then the announcer made reference to "the greatest Purdue player of all time." I got a little sweaty, and started looking around for this guy...

but it was only Leroy Keyes. All right, well, whatever.

They introduced some quarterbacks, and presented Kyle Orton with his "Cradle of Quarterbacks" jacket.

Here he is with the jacket, and that's Mark Hermann in the middle.

Just hope Kyle doesn't do this... with the jacket.

Curtis Painter was among the quarterbacks introduced. He backs up Peyton Manning. Maybe Peyton should introduce him to his barber.

Mike Alstott greeted some of the players as they came back on the field for the second half. That's Will Lucas #45 who came to Purdue from Lakeland, Florida. I'm guessing maybe Mike had something to do with that?

After the game, we headed back to the house.

I even got a picture of my baby Adam and me out front. I think this might have been my 6th Moms' Day at AGR. Adam even wore a vintage shirt to mark the occasion. It was a great day.

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