Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Ol' Pee Wee

Pee Wee had an appointment with the vet today, so I was up early to feed him and get him ready to go. He still has quite a bit of winter coat, so I did a quick curry and got enough horsehair to make 2 pillows and a throw rug. Just kidding, but let's say I was covered in hair!

I wrapped his legs and got him trailered for the long ride north to Janssen Vet Clinic. Pee Wee lived there a long, long time ago, with Dr. Janssen and his family. Pee Wee has lived with us for 15 years now. 
We love him.

This doctor's buggy sits in front of Janssen Veterinary Clinic, and it is used for the logo of the practice.

First on the agenda for Pee Wee, was having his teeth floated. In case you're not sure what that means, the veterinarian files off the sharp points which develop on the teeth to create a smooth surface necessary for the horse to properly and efficiently chew his food. Here, Dr. Scott is showing his expert veterinary technologist, daughter Jennifer, what needs to be done. Today, she is both the tech and the client!

Pee Wee gets a little sedation, then allows Dr. Scott to use the power float to work on his teeth.

Don't worry, it doesn't hurt him, since a horse's nerves end near the gumline. So while he may be a bit uncomfortable (think visiting your dentist), he doesn't feel pain during the procedure. It's actually a good thing he can't load me up and take me to the dentist! (Not my favorite place.)

After the teeth floating, they flushed out his nasal passage to clear his tear ducts.

Next, it was time for the tube deworming.

Pee Wee didn't mind this at all. He got some vaccinations, and a cleaning of his private parts (I didn't think he would want me to take pictures of that!), and he was good to go.

At age 29, Pee Wee is considered "geriatric" in the horse world. Now, when humans in the horse show world reach a certain age, we call them "select." Sounds so much better than "geriatric." So from now on, we'll just say Pee Wee is "select." And he'll always be a star.

After his appointment, I decided to go all redneck and drive my rig to the big craft store in the fancy strip mall. Yes I did. And then, even worse, I drove it right into a regular neighborhood where my friend lives to pay a little visit. Good thing they have a cul-de-sac so I could turn around. I try to avoid backing my trailer if possible.

Margaret posed with her class mascot, Sparkle, while Nathan gave Pee Wee a little pat. Of course, when Pee Wee stuck his head out to say hello, Nathan had a brief fit of hysterics, and we decided to continue their introduction on another day. I'll have to explain to Nathan that Pee Wee is pretty much the best horse in the world.

We had a nice little visit, and Margaret opened her Resurrection Eggs, which tell the story of Easter.

Her mommy read the story for the symbol found inside each egg.

When they came to the last egg, it was empty, just like the tomb on Easter morning. 
Hallelujah! He is risen indeed!

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