Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the Thunder Rolls

A storm moved through last night, and the tornado sirens went off in town. We can barely hear them from our house, but we can usually sense the bad weather approaching. Of course there are also warnings on the television and on our phones. I snapped a few photos of the ominous looking clouds.

Jon was doing his storm chaser impression. 
Thankfully, he had the good sense to come home from the golf course. :)

There were some pretty nasty looking clouds.

It did seem to be moving fairly fast.

We moved inside when it started to rain, 
and Jon continued to watch the sky.

He was joined by Adam and Jim.

The shingles on my poor barn were hanging on for dear life.

Thankfully, the storm split, and went around us, 
so we didn't get anything damaging at our home.
I did hear there was some damage in the southern part of the county.
Our prayers go out to the people of Joplin, Missouri and other areas
who have been devastated by terrible storms recently.
I hope you will join me in prayer and help if you can -
there are always many ways to give.

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