Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love is a Garden

Last weekend, Jim and I had the opportunity to visit The Flower and Herb Barn in Brown County. It is in the same location as the Farmhouse Cafe and Tea Room, which I've written about before, here, and here.

The grounds and gardens are alive with flowers, plants, herbs, bullfrogs (noisy ones!), and garden decor. I love to just walk around and enjoy all the beautiful corners of the garden display. This is a wysteria in bloom. I really want to find a spot to plant one, either at the lake or at home. The one I had never had blooms like this, and it was, you might say, unintentionally eradicated last summer.

I don't have much of a green thumb, but I would love for someone to plant and maintain a beautiful garden for me. I really love flower gardens, but I don't have the knowledge or the know how to grow one myself. I do well to grow a few geraniums in a pot!

They have all kinds of garden ornaments there, many of which appear to be antiques. I liked this one because of the fleur de lis on the end.

Same here. :)

Everything seemed to be blooming, and it's tempting to want to load up the wagon with some of each.

I've heard hostas are easy to grow, so maybe we should try some at the lake.

I really liked this pretty garden angel. Maybe she should replace the dalmatian statue that came with the lake house. My boys think he should find a new home. At the bottom of the lake. :)

I even caught a busy little bee hard at work in a pretty peony.

This is a rhododendron. So pretty.

And I loved this hydrangea. Beautiful. We may have to find a spot to plant one of these.

A colorful bottle tree.

The "shopping carts" provided by the gardens for our convenience.

We tried not to go overboard buying things to plant. We ended up with some ferns to hang on the porch and two flats of impatiens. Besides, we'll want to be sure there's a reason to go back. Of course, Jim thought we needed some garden soil. I guess dirt is not really dirt when you're planting a garden!

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