Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Derby Day, Baby!

On Saturday, I took Haleigh back home to Louisville, and Nana, Jennifer, and Matthew went along to meet Ella.

She was sleeping on a BiliBlanket to help with a touch of jaundice. Kind of like her first little tanning bed.

Matthew and his daddy had a game of Battleship.

Nana got some snuggle time with sweet Ella.

Hello, baby!

Aunt Fer and Haleigh.

Matthew built his Harry Potter Lego game.

Happy Haleigh.

Big brother Matthew snuggles his new baby sister.

Matthew and his sisters.

Sweet family picture.

Aunt Fer snuggles Ella.

And of course, we watched the Kentucky Derby. We were in Kentucky, you know.

Haleigh is trying to figure out just what is going on with this new little person in the house. I think she's decided they'll be best friends.

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