Friday, May 6, 2011

Grandpa Celebrates 92 Years

We gathered for lunch on Thursday to celebrate Grandpa's 92nd birthday. He received a few birthday phone calls while we were there.

Since Haleigh came home with me after the birth of her new baby sister, she was able to join in the celebration.

Of course, we had Grandpa's favorite, cherry birthday pie. It is his favorite for a birthday or any day. He likes two kinds of pie: warm cherry pie and cold cherry pie. Thanks to Rheadawn for baking and delivering the cherry deliciousness.

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday, dear Grandpa, Happy Birthday to you!

Haleigh enjoyed the singing and her finger.

Grandma had some pie and ice cream. A double dip!

Paul recorded the memories.

Grandpa with the youngest three of his five children, Jim, Janet, and Paul. Barbara and Carol will be visiting soon.

Haleigh is number 12 of their 14 great grandchildren. (If my calculations are correct, that is. You know I don't do higher math.)

She posed with Grandpa for a birthday photo too.

As we left, Grandpa was making his daily trek to the mailbox. I'm guessing there were a few birthday cards in that stack of mail.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

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