Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Boots and the Fir

I am a little behind in getting these pictures posted, but better late than never. Right? Last weekend Jim and I took grandson Matthew to get our Christmas tree. Notice I said 'get' and not 'cut.' We have been going to Bohman's to purchase Christmas trees for years, and, yes, we used to ride the wagon over the hills and traipse up and down in search of the perfect tree.

In fact, I even have proof that we took 4 kids and 2 cousins back in 1989 on a tree cutting adventure. Those were the days. In the photo: Andrew, David, Jessica, Caroline (in front), Jennifer, and Jonathan on Aunt Janet's lap. They were 5, 7, 7, 2, 4, and 2. (Janet's age undisclosed).

We now enjoy taking Matthew and selecting a pre-cut tree that the nice folks at Bohman's cut and display for those of us who no longer find quite so much joy in the hunt.

This is the scene in the parking lot as we arrived, and we passed probably ten vehicles on our way with trees tied to the top or stowed in the bed of the pickup truck. We even saw a tour bus, which was followed by a large truck full of trees. Yes, folks come from miles around to select a tree from Bohman's.

Matthew had his boots on since it was a tad bit muddy at the tree farm.

Purdue boots, of course. They come in handy on days like this, or helping his dad with the cattle at the farm.

Here is the wagon, heading down the hill to pick up some tree hunters.

Matthew picked one out, and Jim carried it to the finishing shed. We like to get a fraser fir because I prefer the shorter, softer needles. And I love the smell in the house.

Here, Steve and his friend cut just a little off the bottom to make it the perfect fit for our living room. Jim and I always have a discussion about what exactly is 'just a little.'

They stand it up, make sure it's straight, and drill the hole for it to fit onto our stand. It really is a great system, and the tree stands securely in the house with nary a wobble. No toppling tree stories for us!

Jim and Matthew finish their hot chocolate and supervise the drilling.

We found a couple wreaths for the back gate, loaded the tree into the truck, and we were ready to go.

At home, Matthew helped Grandpa carry the tree into the house.

On the way home in the truck, we did have a little discussion about how trees, like people, aren't perfect, but that God loves us anyway, flaws and all. Grace. Freely given, for us to share. Because of a baby. Thanks be to God.

We enjoyed the tree bare for a few days (wouldn't want to rush into the decorating), and Matthew helped me put the ornaments on when he came after school on Friday. Now it's looking like Christmas around here.

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