Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Janet!

Yesterday was the birthday of my sister-in-law, Janet. Janet is Jim's sister, and my partner in Show Grace. She had foot surgery a few weeks ago, and is just getting back to some regular activity, including going out for a birthday dinner! Of course, we were happy to join in the celebration, especially since she chose our favorite, El Reparo.

Here she is with her birthday sized margarita. Her friend Roger called it her 'personal pitcher.'

She had three of her grandchildren there for dinner. Her son Josh, and his wife Erica, have triplets who are almost three. This is Arden enjoying her drink. Not a margarita, of course.

And Emerson...

and Harper with his daddy.

Janet even got to wear the birthday sombrero while we all sang to her. She was treated to some delicious fried ice cream.

Arden enjoyed her chocolate pudding, as you can see by her face.

Big Jon came along, and he spent some time holding niece Ella.

I liked this picture of dads Andrew and Josh, circling up with the kids.

Andrew and Harper were having a serious discussion of some sort.

Ella was all bundled up and ready to head home.
It was a nice way to celebrate on a very wet and rainy evening.
Happy Birthday Janet!

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