Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Take Me Back Tuesday - Ho Ho Photos

I have always loved taking pictures, especially at Christmas time. 
Of course, there was the Christmas card photo that needed to be taken, 
and believe me when I tell you that it's not easy 
to get five (or four, or three, or two, or even one) 
kids (infants, toddlers, teenagers) to smile for the camera. 
At the same time.

Since I often always had them dressed in matching outfits 
we were ever ready (sometimes willing) for a photo opportunity.

This photo was taken at church, circa 1988.
It was not our Christmas card. :)
I'm sure they were told to fold their hands
so as not to bother the sibling beside them.
Or maybe they were in a prayerful mood that day?
Jonathan 1, Jennifer 3, David 6, and Andrew 4.

This is the same year, David and Andrew singing in the choir. 
I believe this was the last year Andrew wore the robe and red bow. 
We will save the 'bow incident' story for another day.
Don't they look angelic?

And here are two sweet boys playing 'nativity' in the kitchen. 
Even their jammies were matching.

Moving on to 1989, and attempting to take a Christmas card photo. 
Who thought it would be a good idea to include the hyper Dalmatian in the photo?

Inside, and without the dog, we were able to get an acceptable photo.
Jennifer 4, Jonathan 2, David 7, Andrew 5.

My mom taught preschool for years, beginning with me (and others, of course) in her first class, and teaching all of our children as well. She knows Santa, and always had him come to preschool to talk to the children. This photo includes my grandmother, Mamaw, who came to share in the special day.
Newborn Adam is in the picture, but David is missing 
since he was at school in the second grade.

Our 1990 Christmas card.
Jonathan 3, David 8, Andrew 6, Adam 2 months, Jennifer 5.

Santa at preschool again, in 1991. I like how Adam is looking at Santa 
and Jennifer is looking at Adam. At least there were no tears!

Christmas card 1991. Aren't they sweet?

This was 1995, when we went to Grand Cayman for the week before Christmas. 
You can tell that Jonathan has always been the shy one.

Christmas Eve at the beach before heading home to watch for Santa.

One year, I was even creative and organized
and took the Christmas card photo in August
at the Indiana State Fair with their show cattle. 
Since it wasn't hard enough to get 5 kids to pose for a picture, 
I wanted to add 4 heifers. 
Who thought that was a good idea?

Speaking of ideas, this was spring break in Grand Cayman 
when I wanted the caption to read: 
'Here Comes Sandy Claws.'
It didn't make the cut. 

Because we had something more exciting to celebrate that year...
A trip to the Rose Bowl.
A vintage Merry Christmas from the Stewarts. 
May your days be merry and bright.

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